Friday, January 14, 2011

Kids analyzing obsolete technology

On a recent Mental Floss blog post, Adorable Kids With Obsolete Technology, an embedded YouTube video of French school children (the video is subtitled in English) shows them analyzing what some tools from the 1980s and 1990s are. Floppy disks are thought to be cameras or tools used in banking. One girl asks if a Planet of the Apes laserdisc is a carpet.

Other tools they are given will be recognizable to us, but this has me wondering what little kids in 2025 will think of our iPads and our handheld Nintendo DS video game consoles? Will they think the Nintendo DS is a phone? What will the iPad be?

What is the future of technology for us? We'll be discussing this soon in our meetings, but I'd love to hear input from others. What technology do you think will be outdated by then? Where do you see technology going? What do you hope for when it comes to technology?

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