Thursday, December 22, 2011

Libraries at Webscale

My lovely and future-thinking coworker Rebecca turned me on to this document.
In essence this document is meant to spark a discussion (sound familiar, Futurists?) around the theme of libraries and the opportunities afforded by thinking globally and acting locally--thinking in webscale. Increase and decrease capacity. Personalize, yet globalize. The ideas raised in this document are asked through the lens of webscale and are similar to many we've been throwing around.
  • How can libraries provide services that meet the personalized me-me-me expectations that the Web has created for our users?
  • What is a universal library? What could it look like?
  • How can libraries identify and pursue meaningful innovation? Collaboration? Partnerships? How do we build the future together?
OCLC then describes some of their initiatives to prepare for libraries operating at webscale.

Happy Holidays, all!