Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SLA's FutureReady365

If you are not already aware of SLA's FutureReady365 blog, check it out.
I'm bouncing in my chair at Internet Librarian 2011 right now, listening to Cindy Romaine--current SLA President--and Meryl Cole talk about the project. 365 in the name = a blog post a day related to being "future ready." I can't wait to start reading through the posts. Sounds like a lot of their thinking and dreams parallel a lot of MNFLI's thinking and dreams. I like seeing that. I like that they balance between being smart professionals and being playful and personal in their blog. I'm also embarrassed I wasn't aware of this project until 47 minutes ago.
Here's an excerpt from their about page to get your interest piqued:
What is Future Ready?
  • It’s an attitude of being more adaptable, flexible, and confident in utilizing the skills of the information & knowledge professional.
  • It’s a strategic shift toward being more effective at aligning with emerging and robust opportunities in the information industry and beyond.
  • It’s a focus on preparing ourselves for emerging opportunities in the information industry through:
    • Collaboration to accelerate the availability of useful information
    • An adaptable skill set that anticipates and responds to the evolving marketplace
    • Alignment with the language and values of the community you serve
    • Building a community that connects stakeholders in mutually beneficial relationships

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