Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shared library system operated by the National Library

An interesting model....

SirsiDynix, EBSCO Publishing, and Computer Concepts Ltd. have been selected to work with Kōtui to develop a shared library system operated by the National Library of New Zealand for subscribing public libraries.

"Through Kōtui, library customers will be able to easily discover and access resources from home or from school or work as well as from inside a library."

Ms Sutherland says Kōtui will give member libraries access to centralised expertise and a help desk offered through an augmented Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa (APNK) service.

"The shared service will provide a substantially improved service to all member libraries and councils at costs which could not be achieved by councils acting individually to implement levels of service offered by Kōtui."

As background:
LSynCNZ (Library Systems in Collaboration, NZ) is a joint project between public libraries and the National Library of New Zealand to develop and fund a business case for a shared library system under a library systems consortium. The vision for Kōtui is:
"Libraries working together to provide all of their customers with easy, fast and effective access to the local, national and international resources they need to live, learn and earn."

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