Thursday, February 17, 2011

Edmonton Public Library Promo: Spread the words

Can imagine something like this--on a State level?


  1. I like the concept--but my first reaction was "eh, a lil' boring" and my second was "needs to be shorter!" I dig the shirts, catchphrases, and simplicity of the video though. (Simplicity good, but how to counter the boring). Imagine a MN state video with librarians showing ways to use the library anywhere--in a SW cornfield via mobile; on a rocky Lake Superior beach via ereader; actually IN a good, architectural library (Central?) could be sweet!! And of course, matching shirts with rad phrases.

  2. Good in concept, but yes, it's pretty boring. And they should mention the word library throughout it and not just at the very end. Something like this on a state level would be awesome!