Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eli Pariser on the Future of the Internet, the Filter Bubble and Net Neutrality

What impact do you think "the filter bubble" and a lack of net neutrality could have on the future of research/libraries/information literacy? Click on the link below to read the interview with Eli Pariser:

Eli Pariser on the future of the Internet (from

From the introduction: "This is the fourth installment of The Influencers, a six-part interview series that Lynn Parramore, the editor of New Deal 2.0 and a media fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, is conducting for Salon. She recently talked to Internet activist and guru Eli Pariser, board president of, who is currently writing a book exploring an invisible feedback loop he calls 'the filter bubble.' They discussed the dangers of this trend, along with net neutrality and the future of the Web."

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